Over Dutch Biocatalysis Symposium: BiocatNL-2019

Dutch Biocatalysis Symposium: BiocatNL-2019

Biocatalysis is an active research field in several academic research groups in the Netherlands. Also a large number of biotechnology companies develop and/or use enzymes for their processes. To promote interactions of professionals in the field of applied biocatalysis and to inform a broader audience, the working group Applied Biocatalysis of the Dutch Biotechnology Society (NBV), is organizing the BiocatNL-2019 symposium. The symposium will highlight recent developments in biocatalysis, and the focus of the symposium of this year will be on engineering of enzymes. Except for the fact that there are spectacular developments on how enzymes can be engineered, it also links to the Nobel prize of 2018 of Frances Arnold "for the directed evolution of enzymes." Besides lectures of several prominent academic group leaders on how their research involves enzyme engineering approaches, young researchers will present their research on the topic of enzyme engineering and biocatalytic applications. In fact, young researchers (PhD students) are invited to give a pitch talk on their research. From the pitch-talk applications, 8 presenters will be selected. Furthermore, there will be a lecture from a large biotechnology company, DuPont.

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The event is free for NBV-members and otherwise costs €25,-. To become a member, please go to the NBV website.

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